5 Things to Know Before You Hike Gunung Lawu via Cemoro Kandang

5 Things to Know Before You Hike Gunung Lawu via Cemoro Kandang at Night Without a Guide

Gunung Lawu is a dormant volcano that borders central and east Java. The peak sits at 10,712 feet (3,265 meters). It is a very popular mountain to climb among college students.

5 Things to Know Before You Hike Gunung Lawu via Cemoro Kandang

1. Price: The price is the same for locals and foreign tourists (RP 15,000). Parking a car cost RP 20,000.

2. Location: Basecamp for Cemoro Kandang. Here you can park your car or motorcycle, register (don’t forget your ID, you need it to register) and use the bathroom (the only one available on the whole trail).

3. Duration: Cemoro Kandang is around 7.5 mi/12 km from basecamp to peak. Mostly hard dirt/clay and some rocks. The trail zig-zags with some short cuts that are very steep.

4. What to bring:

  1. Water. We carried two 1500 ml bottles each.
  2. A small camp stove and pot to heat water and instant food.
  3. A cup and spoon to mix your drinks.
  4. Food. We packed some instant noodles, Snickers, Soy Joys, and homemade scones.
  5. Something to sit on. I cut open a small trash bag and used it to sit on. It was light to pack and waterproof. The Posts along the trail are really dirty. Having something clean and dry to sit on while I rested was a relief.
  6. An extra bag to carry your trash. PLEASE pack it out!
  7. Warm clothing. Don’t underestimate how cold it will get. The temperature can get as cold as 0 degrees Celsius/32 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are hiking you will be very warm, you will even get sweaty, but as soon as you stop moving you will get cold. You can see from our video that we didn’t wear heavy clothing at the beginning of the hike. Seth hiked in his shorts most of the way up, but when we stopped to rest and reached the summit we put extra clothing on. I recommend bringing an extra pair of socks to change into before heading back down the trail.
  8. Flashlight with extra batteries. This is essential if climbing at night.
  9. Good comfortable shoes with good tread. Your feet will thank you!
  10. GPS. While most of the trail is easy to follow it is important that you bring some sort of GPS device with you. You can download our GPS track and waypoints here. You don’t want to risk getting lost without a guide.
  11. You might consider bringing sunscreen too!

5. Important Facts: 

  1. The only bathrooms are at the base camp. Be prepared to find a bush!
  2. There is no water or food stalls along the trail. Bring plenty of both. You might get lucky and someone will be selling something, but don’t count on it!
  3. Weather. The trail gets very slippery when wet. I wouldn’t recommend hiking in the rain unless you are an experienced hiker.

Watch our video here to get a better picture of what to expect when you hike Gunung Lawu via Cemoro Kandang. We had a great experience and felt prepared. We hope these 5 Things to Know Before You Hike Gunung Lawu via Cemoro Kandang will help you get prepared for a great adventure!  Keepsm:)ing!

Everybody Is A Teacher

Now that we live in Indonesia, I really want to learn the language so I can communicate with everyone and make lots of new friends. I have learned that everybody is a teacher! Even though I do not know the language I have been able to make a few friends already. Two of my new friends come from a family in the church of Christ at Darmawangsa. Yosua is a boy and he is almost 6 years old. His 2 year old sister is named Ester. We have spent a lot of time with this family and I have become friends with the kids.

I have gotten to play with Ester and when she talks and I ask my Mom what she is saying she is “teaching” me Indonesian. Another way I am learning is through pictures. When I play with Ester sometimes she points to a picture of something and says the Indonesian word for it. I have a game on my iPod that has a picture of a cat on it so Ester touched it and said “kucing”, which is the word for cat. Another time, she pointed to a rabbit on her shorts and said, “kelinci”, the word for rabbit.

Sarah and Ester

I have learned a lot of words from Ester and I have enjoyed playing with her. It is funny how even a two-year-old little girl can become a great language teacher! I am learning Indonesian little by little. Someday I will know the language really well and I will remember Ester as one of my first language “teachers.” I have learned that when you are learning a new language, everyone is a teacher, whether they are 2 years old or 50!

Question: Who has been an unexpected teacher in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

My Lunch Surprise

Lunch SurpriseIn Indonesia, outside of the city of Monokwari, we went for picnic with some friends. We rode in a big bus and took some chickens along with us. I got to hold them. We were going to have a picnic at the beach. In the bus I held and pet the chickens.

When we got to the beach, I went and played in the sand and water. Finally, it was time to eat. Wow! I was surprised when I found out what we were having for lunch; chicken! It was pretty funny! In the picture, that is me with our friend Alimin cooking the chickens that I held.

Talk about fresh food!

Do you have any funny food stories from another country? Please comment!