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Hello! We are the Johnson’s – Martin, Julie, Sarah and Seth. Julie and I both grew up in Northern California, Sarah was born in Texas and Seth was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are a family who is always on the move finding new adventures and awesome people wherever we go. We have lived in 5 different states and 2 countries since we got married 15 years ago.

Here on our website and YouTube channel we share our adventures with you hoping that you will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy a little adventure of your own. We always strive to help you keep smiling! :)

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Have a great day and keep smiling! :)

-Martin and Julie

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  1. Sarah,
    I know it is a few days late, but Happy Birthday from the Wheeler family. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. I also enjoy reading your blog entries.

  2. Hello there Julie! Your Warung Steak on youtube drop me by here, it’s really superb video you’ve made. Warung steak is one of the most popular restaurant chain in Indonesia. The taste of the meat is so nice and juicy..hope you love all of Indonesian food taste:). I’m the owner of Berkah Travel agent in Yogyakarta, you can order plane tickets, train tickets and also hotel reservations with competitive price better than other agencies. Just send me a text messages on 081226747226 or by Blackberry 2BAF9190 or by email on 2benubee@gmail.com Thank you very much Julie! please send a warm greeting to your husband’s and kids:) Enjoy Indonesia^_^

      1. Hello, mr. & mrs jullie johnson nice too meet you…. let me introduce me self, my name is samuel from solo java indonesia, my place in surakarta, i remember about your video vlog in mountain of cemara sewu tawangmangu solo with sarah & seth too….. thats nice vlog, i hopely someday if you visit indonesian again we can meetup because i want to learn and hear too about english language and history of american…. heheh ok thankyou very much Mr.johson & fammily have a nice day and don’t forget about indonesian culture people…. 😇 godbless you

  3. Hey Martin and Julie,
    It’s nice to see you enjoying Indonesia and learning our culture and language. I am Indonesian and I used to live in the US (Seattle,WA and Columbus,OH) for my bachelor. I myself learnt a lot of American culture and traditions when I was back at states. Especially, college football and the NFL. I feel like sharing because it’s like you and I are exchanging residency (for a while I guess), to gain experiences and widen our awareness about the culture of others. I really glad you chose Indonesia as your destination to live and work. Anyway, good luck on everything and wishes you all the very best. GO BUCKS!


  4. Hi Martin
    I have a few days ago also mail send here, bud it’s not gone well I thinks. I try again:

    Martin; almost daily I m watching you videos, really nice videos and also learn something about Indonesia. Thanks…
    In de summer of 2014, I was together with my wife in Jakarta, bandung, jogja, solo, semarang, karimunjava, singapur, Melaka, KL and again Jakarta (and back to home, I ‘m Turkisch, bud I live in Holland-Blanda, since 25 years en I m 45 year old).
    I have also plans to go again soon, maybe over 5 year, each year 6 months to live in Indonesia (inshallah).
    I have a few questions for you:

    What kind of work do you do in Indonesia to your costs? What is there about monthly needed for a husband and wife without children?
    Rental price for a house like you?
    Thanks en greating to Julie en the children


    1. Thanks doe the message. We are volunteers here. The amount you will need will depend largely on your life style. Our home costs about $2,200 per year paid in advance.

      1. Aloha Martin’s family,
        Do you still have the same address as above? Looking forward to hear from you.

        Mahalo from Hawaii


  5. Pak Martin & Bu Julie, anda sekeluarga Bahasa Indonesia nya lancar dan bagus sekali. Apakah pernah tinggal di Indonesia?

  6. Hi Im Wahyu from Jakarta, I just read your blog. It’s nice to know this blog :).
    I hope you enjoy wherever you live.
    “step out of your comfort zone and enjoy a little adventure of your own.”
    One word, “WOW”
    God bless you

  7. Wow Luar biasa Martin & Julie, sya Jason dari Jakarta tapi kerja diUS new York.
    anda sekeluraga masih sampai sekarang diJogyakarta? hope to see u in Indo ya, bagus sekali youtube anda. Bravo

  8. coincidentally I found 1 of many your youtube videos mostly about your eating journey in indonesia particularly in yogyakarta and maybe some other countries you visited. That time actually I decided to search recipe for “sate ayam” but then suddenly I clicked your video and from there I continued to watched your life series. there is something interesting with your character including your family that is why you have huge subscribers and comments, I feel you and family have something special charism that can attract many people just to watch your videos. Finally I tried to search your profile and found it that you are a priest, aren’t you ? anyway my name is Pramu, indonesian but now I live in Singapore with my family, I believe there are thousands of your followers would like to meet you, I read some of their comments, it just I dont know how you manage and keep in touch with them :) you can drop me email if you are interested to continue this conversation, but I will be glad if you reply in bahasa indonesia, thanks for reading my comment

  9. Pak Martin dan Bu Julie semoga anda diberkati sama Allah, sangat menarik sekali video yang anda buat selama ini. Saya Beni dari Bali pengen lebih dekat mangenal anda! Jika tidak keberatan bisa saya minta alamat email anda

  10. Hello Pak Martin and Bu Julie,

    Earlier today, I came across one of your awesome YouTube videos entitled “Kami Naik Air Asia dari Jogja ke Jakarta Vlog 81” and immediately found myself pretty much excited to watch it in its entirety. Then another video, and another and then some. I just subscribed to your channel which I found very inspiring as well as engaging. Well, frankly speaking, you’ve shown us exactly how it feels and looks to immerse yourselves in another country’s cultural values. Hats off to both of you, guys! :) And oh one more thing, I’ve been kind of fascinated by how natural Sarah speaks Indonesian to my (and most likely to countless other Indonesian people’s) ears.

    In fact, the way you’re communicating with your subscribers has obviously paved the way for me to have a better understanding of how friendly, courteous and generous an American family can actually be.

    God bless you and sorry for my rant. It’s simply one of those ways I attempt to brush up on my English skills. Mudah-mudahan tidak terlalu buruk, ya Pak Martin & Bu Julie? :)

    Terima kasih untuk video-video-nya. Looking forward to more of them in near future.


  11. Halo Pak Martin. Salam kenal. Saya penonton setia Pak Martin di youtube. Saya tertarik dengan cara bapak mengajar Seth dan Sarah. Saya juga dengar Pak Martin mengajar bahasa inggris. Saya ingin mengasah bahasa inggris saya dengan Pak Martin. Bagaimana cara bergabung Pak? Terimakasih.

  12. Halo Pak Martin. Salam kenal. Saya adalah penonton setia Pak Martin di youtube. Saya suka cara mengajar Pak Martin kepada Sarah dan Seth. Saya dengar Pak Martin mengajar bahasa inggris di kursus. Saya ingin mengasah bahasa inggris saya dengan Pak Martin. Bagaimana caranya bergabung Pak? Terimakasih

  13. hi marty and jules…
    i’ve been in yogya before.. it’s about 20 years ago
    i missed Gudeg so much..
    could you please help me to cook Gudeg or buy some gudeg and you guys eat together.. i wanna see that only.

  14. Hai Pak Martin dan Bu July, kami di Indonesia merindukan anda sekeluarga, cuma mau bertanya kenapa Vlognya tidak ada lagi, sudah banyak subscribernya, sayang kalo Vlognya tidakkah diteruskan,buat saja ttg daily vlog.

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