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Kuliner Jogja Bakso Pak Sidan IIIHey guys,

Bakso is a popular food to eat in Indonesia. It is much like a meatball, but with maybe more surprises! The other day we went wondering around to try a new place to eat that was near our house. We came across Bakso Pak Sidan III, a small local restaurant. Three things you should know before you eat here. 

  1. Lots of bones. Be prepared to be served many parts of a chicken that the typical American doesn’t eat. Skin, bones, organs may all be swimming in your soup. If you don’t want to eat them or can’t identify them, don’t be embarrassed to eat around them.
  2. Noisy location. Bakso Pak Sidan III is right on the main road, so all of the traffic noise is in your face. You will get a good feel for Indonesian weather as well because there is no air-conditioning.
  3. Inexpensive prices. This is where locals eat so the whole meal is very reasonably priced. Eat a couple of bowls of bakso and have a drink or two and you still will have money left in your wallet.

Please watch this video to see for yourself the location and how the food is prepared.

Keep smiling!


Address for the restaurant: Jl. Raya Tajem 412, district. Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55281

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2 Replies to “Bakso Pak Sidan III | Indonesian Food”

  1. Hello martin this is mark from India well I really love watching all your videos in riding java. My wife is Indonesian and she is from yogyakarta I just love Indonesia I have just returned from yogyakarta on the 2nd of may 2016. I have one question to ask you I have heard you speak bahasa Indonesia very fluently in some videos how long did it take you to reach that level. Anyways martin keep up the good work and god bless you and your family.

    Mark Pinto

    1. Hi Mark. It’s nice to meet you! Do you mean that you are in Jogja now? I would be glad to share our learning journey with you, but just as a brief explanation we took language classes for a few months and just began speaking it daily. If you are in Jogja and would like to get together while you are here please let us know. -Julie

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