We visited Tlogo Nirmolo National Park in Yogyakarta and hiked up to the observation post located on Bukit Plawangan to view the beauty of Mount Merapi. Come along for the hike!

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We get our cooking and bathing water from a large well behind our house. I’ve always wondered what is down there. Who knows, there could be a skeleton down there! We sent the GoPro to go find out.

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Install iBooks on an iPod Touch, 4th Generation

Apple’s new iBooks 3.2 is nice unless you have tried to install iBooks on an iPod Touch, 4th generation.

My 7 year old son, Seth, is now really getting into reading chapter books. However, he doesn’t have access to a lot of books written in English, because we live in Indonesia. We needed to find a solution to this problem.

Last year he bought an iPod Touch 4th generation with his own money. So, there should be a great solution to our problem. Right? Just download iBooks and he can read to his hearts content.

Last night I tried to install iBooks on his iPod, but it requires iOS 7 and the iPod Touch 4th generation is incompatible with iOS 7. What to do?

Here is how to install iBooks on an iPod 4th generation.

  1. Find an older version of iBooks. My daughter, Sarah, had an older version on her laptop that she had downloaded and installed before Apple updated iBooks to iBooks 3.2. So I could use that
  2. Install the old version of iBooks on your computer. Do this by dragging it to the iTunes icon in your dock. If you have already installed the new version to iTunes you will get this warning, “A newer version of the app “iBooks” already exists in your iTunes library. Are you sure you want to replace it with the one you are moving?” Click replace.
  3. Install the old version of iBooks on your iPod using iTunes.

I hope that helps. Seth is now reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.